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KVD Communications was approached by Crosscall to launch its brand within the African region. The aim of the launch was to generate significant media coverage, engage clients, secure stakeholders, and create a strong business presence in the market.

Crosscall, a French manufacturer specialising in the design of ultra-resistant and durable smartphones and tablets, recognised Africa as a promising market with its growing technology needs. With plans to relocate production to France and previous success with a 3-year warranty, Crosscall aimed to differentiate itself by offering a 5-year warranty, emphasising its commitment to sustainable telephony.

Pre-launch Strategy

KVD Communications collaborated closely with Crosscall to formulate a comprehensive strategy. Extensive market research was conducted to identify key target markets, understand local technology requirements, and assess the competitive landscape. This information guided the development of tailored messaging and engagement strategies.

Stakeholder Engagement

KVD Communications successfully secured a strong network of stakeholders for the launch. This included influential industry professionals, key decision-makers in prominent African businesses, government representatives, and trade associations. The selection of stakeholders aimed to maximise brand visibility and credibility within the African market.

Media Planning and Outreach

KVD Communications crafted a robust media plan to generate widespread coverage for the launch. By identifying relevant trade publications, business websites, and industry influencers, the agency ensured the brands’ message reached the target audience effectively. Engaging press releases, thought leadership articles, and executive interviews were prepared to create anticipation and generate buzz.

Launch Event Execution

The launch event was meticulously planned to create an unforgettable experience that showcased Crosscall’s products, services, and expertise. Informative presentations, interactive demonstrations, expert panel discussions, and networking opportunities were incorporated to engage attendees.

KVD Communications facilitated a seamless event execution, ensuring attendees were impressed by the brand’s offerings and unique engagements like an aquarium, a sand plinth, and a large Ice cube hosting Crosscall devices. All the elements were testament to the brands’ durability and survival in the toughest conditions. 

Client Engagement

Client engagement was a focal point of the launch strategy. Crosscall hosted targeted networking sessions where prospective clients could interact with the brand’s representatives and experience their durable smartphones and tablets firsthand. KVD Communications facilitated these interactions, ensuring personalised attention was given to each attendee, highlighting the value Crosscall’s products could provide.

Post-launch Success

The launch generated significant media coverage across various platforms, including print, online, and social media. Industry publications featured Crosscall’s innovative solutions, emphasising their potential to transform businesses across different sectors. This media exposure elevated the brand’s visibility, attracting both existing and new clients in Africa.

Business Impact

The successful launch resulted in a substantial increase in business inquiries and closed deals for Crosscall. The valuable partnerships and stakeholder engagements established during the launch event led to long-term collaborations with influential organisations in the African market. Crosscall quickly gained recognition as a reliable technology provider, experiencing notable growth in the region.

Lessons Learned

The success of the launch was attributed to meticulous planning, strategic stakeholder engagement, effective media outreach, and engaging client experiences. The case study reinforced the importance of understanding local market dynamics and tailoring strategies accordingly. Leveraging partnerships with influential stakeholders and key industry players proved crucial in establishing trust and credibility.


The launch of the brand, Crosscall’s in Africa exemplified the significance of a comprehensive strategy, robust stakeholder engagement, and impactful media coverage. Through successful execution and client engagement, Crosscall positioned itself as a leading provider of durable smartphones and tablets in Africa. The launch propelled significant business growth and established a foundation for sustained success in the region.

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