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Vox Telecom

Vox Telecom is one of South Africa’s largest independent voice and data service providers. The company appointed KVD Communications to take responsibility for Vox’s growing online marketing portfolio. After being recognised as one of the top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country, both in terms of line quality and speed, the company created an Integrated Digital Fat Pipe 100GB promotion. KVD Communications was tasked with creating a campaign around this promotion.

Campaign Objective

The campaign was aimed at the end-user / home-user with the objective of driving online transactions through the Vox Telecom website, and to create interest in and an expectation of specials, promotions and giveaways by both new and existing end-users.


KVD Communications decided to utilise a campaign-based approach. Each campaign was designed with an outcome or call to action in mind such as buy now, learn more or subscribe here.​

These were managed as integrated campaigns that leveraged PR, internal communications, marketing, external engagement and advertising. All campaign elements were launched simultaneously including a press announcement, online banners, Facebook advertising and a website. ​

This orchestrated effort was delivered via a fully integrated approach that included online marketing, traditional external PR, internal communications and advertising. 

  1. Online marketing included: 
  • Leveraging of existing Google AdWords spend​
  • Content remarketing​
  • Native advertising (primarily in partnership with HTXT)​
  • Leveraging existing banner advertising spend​
  • Promoted posts and boosted content, primarily through Facebook and Twitter​
  • LinkedIn was utilised to disseminate editorial placed in order to align with the integrated campaign messaging.​
  1. Traditional PR included: 
  • Cleverly crafted PR content that piggy-backed off an issue or topic of discussion amongst end users and which contained a direct call to action, with the inclusion of tracking links into the content.​
  1. Internal communications included: 
  • Communication to and engagement with internal audiences such as product managers, support team members, and the Vox Telecom call center was an essential element of this campaign, primarily to ensure that the employees, as ambassadors of the brand, were informed and excited about the campaigns.​
  • Content was disseminated via Yammer within Vox Telecom, via the screens throughout the Vox Telecom campus and sites, an email campaign and one-on-one briefings.​
  1. Advertising included: 
  • Where possible, committed above-the-line spend was leveraged to include online banner advertising and street pole advertising in front of the Vox Telecom campus.​


The first fully fledged campaign was intentionally launched to coincide with MyBroadband’s survey that positioned Vox Telecom as the number one broadband provider for line quality and speed.  It also coincided with a growing and continued media interest in the cost of connectivity for end users and consumers.​

As previous sales had not managed to exceed 300, we aimed to achieve just 800 sales. However, such was the success of the campaign that in the first seven days we exceeded this figure and by the end of the campaign we had achieved more than 2 700 sales of the Fat Pipe product for Vox Telecom.​

We were able to track good buying days versus good media days and were also able to identify MyBroadband as a mobiliser of sales.  This was a result of including a tracking link in the press release.  MyBroadband, on the day that it published our editorial, drove more than 300 sales in a single day.


  • Reaching and exceeding the 800 sales target within the first seven days of the campaign going live.  ​
  • Watching the measurability of digital campaigns – tracking sales from a press release – to the shopping cart and to conclusion.  ​
  • Realising, as the campaign ran, the immediacy of digital campaigning and the impact this can have on sales.